102″ Traft

Our Rafts will be priced between $490-$950, tents at approx. $240, with several other affordable accessories as well.

We want to make Trafting affordable for our customers while sustaining our company. By delivering innovative and quality products on time, we expect a win-win between our customers and us as a company. We are consistently pushing forward on product design and promoting the amazing and rewarding activity of packrafting and camping-“TRAFTing”.

red traft tent on halfr
red traft font view A5DB_7851r
red traft 5 tent on redr
red traft angle A5DB_7804r





Traft Mach 5 

The most durable lightweight raft in its class. Designed for people 5’11”-6’4″



Made to Last 

Our material is made to go from a great day on the water to a good nights sleep on land.

red traft 5 A5DB_7818r
flip TRAFT and setup for sleeping position on land, or simply lounge and catnap top side.
flip TRAFT and setup for sleeping position on land, or simply lounge and catnap top side.
red traft r


The Only Raft and Tent Combination

Sturdy construction and a precision made patent pending tent make the Traft more than an amazing raft.


red traft close up d ring A5DB_7824r
red traft d ring A5DB_7825r
red tent A5DB_7845r
red tent ground A5DB_7847r

 96″ Traft









Smaller but not less of a Traft

Even lighter than the first. Our most ultra compact rafting system. For people approx. 5′-5’10”





A Unique Lock On System

Our inflation system locks onto the raft to ensure a quick and easy way to fill up your Traft with no trouble at all. The screw on tight fit makes it simple to lock on fill up and take off. All our components including our valves are TPU (Thermo Plastic Polyurethane). 




Fully Outfitted

Every Traft is ready out of the box to be packed and camped in for an instant weekend success. Our raft, tent, floor insert with orthopedic designed comfort seat, supportive back rest , and inflation system, and patch kit make this all possible.