TRAFT tm began at the design shop of UCS-Utah Contract Sewing, in 2016.

Evan Glassman dreamed up a floating raft tent- sleep system while contemplating a hanging hammock in the UCS design shop. The idea of a TRAFT began taking shape, with Evan visualizing the many uses of TRAFT while in his regular adventure travels around the Western U.S. and doing design drawings and then substantial research into TPU-Thermo Plastic Polyurethane, which is an incredibly strong, durable,lightweight, shear and abrasion resistant and flexible plastic. Evan spent a year doing further design, testing, and traveling internationally to find the best raft and tent makers possible to bring the concept to fruition, all the while paddling as many bodies of water along the way, including oceans, lakes and rivers, often inviting other paddlers to try out the TRAFTS and getting considerable feedback and encouragement. TRAFT is utilizing expert designers and fabricators to bring the original concept to a high quality finished product with excellent consistency and quality control, as we develop the line into various water craft- tent-sleep system hybrids.

Our designs are patent pending, and we have developed a great team to further the line and deliver both hybrid watercraft for recreational use and also eventually disaster relief.

The  96″ and 102″ TPU TRAFTS and a SUP TRAFT Tent are nearing production for  Summer 2018 delivery.

Our accessory line is developing as well, with drybags, our new knee straps, and other bags/packs. Self bailer and super duty  TRAFTS are also being developed.

We are constantly striving to develop and improve TRAFT and are 100% behind our products and our customers in our quest to bring the joy of packrafting and camping to many people.

Now you can raft and stay comfortably and securely for short or extended trips, giving you immediate protection from the elements when needed, and a closer connection to your TRAFT and the outdoor environments that TRAFT connects you with. This is just the beginning….



Should I wear a PFD-(Personal Flotation Device)-life vest?

YES, always wear a life vest when on the water! Rafting is inherently dangerous, especially in raging or deep water. Be prepared. Please practice swimming also, and if you can’t swim, please don’t raft.

What is your warrantee policy?

We guarantee our products for any material or manufacturing defects for one year from date of purchase, no questions asked. Your raft or product will be repaired or replaced at our cost. This does not cover damage to your raft incurred while rafting in heavily rocked or wooded areas, or any other extreme uses of TRAFT.

Can I camp on the water?

We encourage paddling and  lounging on calm water with tent-shade system up and doors open at all times, but do not close up doors on the water and sleep, as this can become dangerous with tides and submerging with doors closed.


 You should be able to make all small repairs and patches over the span of your raft ownership. While TPU is super strong, it is not indestructible(especially 210D), and heavily rocked and wooded areas should be avoided, or paddled with care.

All our watercraft comes with a patch kit.

For extended outings with inflatable watercraft we recommend you bring the standard patch kit + a roll of Tyvek tape, which works great for repairs in the field. Just clean and dry affected areas and tape over.


What is TPU and why is it more expensive than PVC?

TPU is a lightweight, environmentally friendly, strong and resilient advanced plastic.

Here is a comparison list of TPU vs. PVC

Abrasion resistant Can crack over time
Physical strength and elasticity Strength and elasticity degrade over time
High mechanical performance  
Will not harden over time Will harden and discolour over time
Higher cost than PVC Lower cost than TPU
Breathable and odourless Odour
Low temperature resistant Will crack at low temperatures but out performs TPU at high temperatures
  Contains more dangerous chemicals including halogen, plasticizer, phthalates which may have serious health consequences
More environmentally friendly and can be recycled As PVC degrades the chemical bonds will be broken and dangerous gasses will be released along with corrosive acids


Specifications Mach 5 series:

96″ x 37″ TRAFT raft  7.5 lbs, tent 3.25 lbs, floor insert and backseat 1.75lb. (total 12.5 lbs.) Interior floor length:48″

(designed for folks approx. between 5’1″-5’10”)

102″ x 37″ TRAFT  7.75 lbs, tent 3.5 lbs, floor insert and backseat 1.85lb.(total 13.1 lbs.) Interior floor length:54″

(designed for folks approx. between 5’11”- 6’4″)

SUP TRAFT tent 3 lbs. fits SUPs 126″ -133″ L x 31″- 33″ W

Tubes: 210D 4mm double coated TPU

Raft bottom: 840D single coated TPU

Floor insert-seat back 420D single coated TPU.






Rafting is inherently dangerous so take precautions and plan for any situation and adventure you undertake.

Always wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) when on the water.

Wear a helmet for river rafting in high flow and rocked rivers.

Always supervise children who are rafting.

Never raft in extreme weather or conditions.

Please don’t camp on TRAFT on water. Do not close doors of TRAFT when on water.

When using TRAFT on water, for shade protection, always leave both doors open and do not operate in windy conditions.