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    It’s a Beautiful Life!
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Traft TRAFT is a patent pending line of hybrid tent-packraft systems and accessories. We are launching Summer 2018, with pre ordering beforehand. We have also developed tent system kits to retrofit existing rafts and SUPs. Enjoy rafting and camping in a lightweight, modular, utilitarian, comfortable, packable, and insulated tent-raft! Our mission at TRAFT is to design and deliver the most durable, innovative, adaptable, affordable and functional hybrid water craft to paddle adventurers everywhere. 


  • 102" Traft

    102" Traft

    The most durable lightweight raft in its class. Designed for people 5’11”-6’4″
  • Made to Last

    Made to Last

    Our material is made to go from a great day on the water to a good nights sleep on land.
  • The Only Raft and Tent Combination

    The Only Raft and Tent Combination

    Sturdy D-Ring construction and a precision made tent make the Traft more than an amazing raft.
  • 96" Traft

    96" Traft

    Even lighter than the first. Our most ultra compact rafting system. For people approx. 5′-5’10”
  • A Unique Lock On System

    A Unique Lock On System

    Our inflation system locks onto the raft to ensure a quick and easy way to fill up your Traft with no trouble at all. The screw on tight fit makes it simple to lock on fill up and take off.
  • Fully Outfitted

    Fully Outfitted

    Every Traft is ready out of the box to be packed and camped in for an instant weekend success. Our raft, tent, floor insert with orthopedic designed comfort seat, supportive back rest , and inflation system, and patch kit make this all possible.

Getting outdoors is about getting back.

Back to where we come from, where we are meant to be. Close the loop, Eliminate the amount of gear separating you from the beauty within reach.

Sleep where you play. Go from riding rapids, to letting waves be the last thing you hear before falling asleep.

Tent, raft, they could be one and the same.
Let nature surround you.