TRAFT tm is a patent pending line of hybrid tent-packraft systems and accessories. We are in final production development of our first lineup, the 96″ and 102″ Mach 5 series of ultralight packrafts, and our 420 series of lightweight super duty packrafts.

We have also developed tent system kits to retrofit existing packrafts and SUPs.

Enjoy rafting and camping in a modular, utilitarian, comfortable, packable, and insulated tent-raft!


Traft – Tent Raft

TRAFT opens up outdoor opportunities, adventures, and experiences to the user, by providing durable, lightweight TPU inflatable watercraft (8 lb. 96″ Mach 5 packraft), capable for ocean adventures, class 1- 4 rivers,  lounging in the shade on water or land, fishing, commuting or adventuring by hike, bike and water, camping (ON LAND ONLY PLEASE!), and whatever other use and transport you can imagine and apply.

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Packrafting At Its Best.

The Traft is lightweight and packs into the perfect size for your backpack. Made from durable long lasting materials including advanced TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), TRAFT will go with you on whatever adventure you choose. Our tents are designed for shade protection on land or calm water, on land tent-raft camping, and tent camping independently from the raft.


         Getting outdoors is about getting back. Back to where we come from, where we are meant to be. Close the loop, Eliminate the amount of gear separating you from the beauty within reach. Sleep where you play. Go from riding rapids, to letting waves be the last thing you hear before falling asleep. Tent, raft, they could be one and the same. Let nature surround you. 

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